Learning Technology

Our goal is to help faculty create inspiring, innovative learning environments and incorporate tools into the classroom that enhance learning for students both online and on campus. When implemented thoughtfully and with the student experience in mind, learning technology can create a more engaging and inclusive learning experience for all students. 

Learning Management Tools

Our instructional technology team configures and maintains a robust learning management system and additional tools for designing and delivering course materials.

Teaching & Technology Support

Our Teaching & Technology Support Center offers a self-service knowledge base and direct support from Instructional Technologists via Help Desk requests.

Technology Infrastructure

Our technology experts evaluate, source, and maintain hardware, software, network resources, and other services supporting WSE’s teaching and learning environment.

Technology Project Management

We offer technology consulting services, business analysis, vendor evaluation, technology implementation, and custom solutions for technology projects.

Learning Management Tools

At WSE we use a variety of dynamic tools in conjunction with a robust learning management system (LMS) to provide course materials and lecture content to students. If you’re looking for assistance with Canvas, our team is here to support your course management and delivery needs. We provide direct support with course copies and configuration, pre-term maintenance checklists, and implementation of digital tools to enhance delivery and collaboration (e.g., H5P, Explain Everything, VoiceThread and Camtasia). 

JHU WSE CLDT Staff Member Matt Ribkoff providing instructional technology support
Center for Learning Design and Technology Front Desk and Sign

Learning Technology Resources & Training

We provide faculty resources and direct technical support for course design, management, and delivery at the Whiting School of Engineering. Visit our Teaching & Technology Support Center to access self-service resources that address common issues and guide users through our most popular tools. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our team is ready to tackle any technical challenge. Let us know how we can help.   

Video Communications

Our staff administers and supports Zoom video communications for the Whiting School of Engineering. Whether you’re delivering online courses or facilitating virtual events, we’re here to share best practices for managing your Zoom meetings. Our resources cover topics such as getting started as a Zoom host, best practices for securing your Zoom meetings, ensuring student privacy, live transcription, recording meetings, and administering proctored exams via Zoom.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Lecturer Seun Romiluyi remotely teaching a class
JHU WSE CLDT Staff member Liz Pallia working on migration timeline

Technology Infrastructure & Tool Adoption

CLDT evaluates, sources, maintains, and supports the hardware, software, network services, and other resources needed to operate WSE’s teaching and learning environments—both online and on campus. Our toolkit includes a range of solutions for faculty to enhance collaboration, assessment, and content delivery in their courses. We stay abreast of EdTech trends and developments and also review requests from faculty for new tool adoption.

Technology Project Management

CLDT offers a range of specialized technology services including technology consulting, business analysis, vendor evaluation, technology implementation, and other custom solutions for technology projects. We scope and execute EdTech development for web applications, system integrations, data analysis, visualization, and reporting.

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