CLDT builds and maintains multimedia systems for the Whiting School of Engineering and provides a range of services from planning and production to audio-visual (A/V) support. Our Multimedia team consists of professional videographers, producers, studio technicians, and editors who provide a full-range of media services. We collaborate with clients to design a customized approach for each media project.


Get started by planning your media project with a member of our multimedia production team.


Record your video and audio content in one of our studios, at home, or on location.


Work with our editors and designers to enhance your content and transform media into polished products.

Systems & Support

Review our AV inventory, schedule a facility, and request AV support.


Pre-production planning is an integral part of successful media projects. Our producers guide clients through the media planning process from scripting and storyboarding to location scouting and talent casting. Our goal is to help bring your vision to life while creating well-executed videos that are on brand and keep audiences engaged.

Preparing to Shoot

Script Building & Storyboarding
Course Video Production Planning
Location Scouting & Production Coordinating
Media & Equipment Consulting
Talent Casting & Coaching


CLDT operates multiple studios located on the Homewood campus and has a top-of-the-line mobile production kit for location productions. Campus studios provide a well-lit, quiet, and highly equipped environment to record video or audio content. Clients can choose from three campus studio options or request help scouting locations.

  • Standard Studio

    Standard Studio

    Our most versatile option. Equipped with a high-definition multi-camera & multi-microphone setup, professional lighting, teleprompter, and screen capture tools. Classic studio backdrops, green screen, and set-dressing options.

  • Lightboard Studio

    Lightboard Studio

    Dynamic option for lectures. Equipped with an illuminated glass Lightboard that allows instructors to face viewers while projecting slides and writing, drawing, or solving equations.

  • Instructional Studio

    Instructional Studio

    Designed for live online course delivery. Equipped with one-touch HD camera, advanced microphone setup, large classroom displays, and a touch-screen tablet  control. Learn more about Dunbar Studio 108.

  • Location Production

    On Location

    Our mobile production kit enables shoots on location for demos, events, lab footage, and more. Equipped with a three-camera setup, tripods, camera slider, boom and lavalier, microphones, lights, travel teleprompter, monitors, makeup kit, & other tools.


Our video editors and graphic designers work with clients to transform recordings into polished products. We use tools such as Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Photoshop to correct, edit, animate, and design original media assets. All video products edited by CLDT are produced within JHU Brand Guidelines, WSE Video Guidelines, and WSE standard requirements.

JHU WSE Post-Production
JHU WSE Multimedia Systems Specialists installing AV equipment

AV Systems & Support

CLDT builds and maintains studios for Whiting School of Engineering and provides AV support to faculty and staff. We are available to scope and build custom studios for offices, labs, classrooms and other department-run spaces. Our multimedia technicians schedule access to studios and provide AV support for events.