Seminar Series: Spring 2023

January 27, 2023
Dr. Theresa Oehmke (University of New Hampshire)
“Experimental Investigation of Particle and Pollutant Transport in Complex Flows”

Hosted by: Dennice Gayme (MechE)

February 3, 2023
Prof. Charles Meneveau (Johns Hopkins University – MechE)
“Introducing JFM Notebooks”

February 10, 2023
Prof. Dorrin Jarrahbashi (Texas A&M University)
“Liquid Breakup at Supercritical Conditions: Toward Understanding Mixing and Combustion at Extreme Conditions”

Hosted by: Gretar Tryggvason (MechE)

February 17, 2023
Prof. Dan Li (Boston University)
Urban Heat Mitigation: Bridging Thermodynamics with Aerodynamics
Hosted by: Darryn Waugh (EPS)

February 24, 2023
Dr. Christopher Crowley (Johns Hopkins University – MechE)
“Experimental Evidence that Turbulent Evolution can be Approximated by Recurrent Flows”
Hosted by: Rui Ni (MechE)

March 3, 2023
Prof. Varghese Mathai (University of Massachusetts)
“Multiphase Flows for Energy Extraction: From Active-Biphasic Turbulence to Elastic Membranes in Fluid Flows”

Hosted by: Rui Ni (MechE)

March 10, 2023 
Prof. Samuel Grauer (Pennsylvania State University)
“Stochastic Particle Advection Velocimetry (SPAV): Reconstructing Accurate Eulerian Fields from Noisy Lagrangian Particle Tracks”
Hosted by: Rui Ni (MechE)

March 17, 2023
Prof. Gregory Chini (University of New Hampshire)
“Mixing Hot and Cold with Sound”
Hosted by: Tamer Zaki (MechE)

March 24, 2023

March 31, 2023
Dr. Miguel Jimenez-Urias (JHU – Earth & Planetary Sciences)
“(Eulerian) Route to (Lagrangian) Chaos: Insight from Analytical Solutions to the Problem of Passive Scalar Mixing in the Presence of Planar Shear Flows”
Hosted by: Thomas Haine (EPS)

April 7, 2023
Prof. Xiaozhou Ruan (Boston University)
“Where the Ocean Meets the Seafloor: Flow-Topography Interaction in the Oceanic Bottom Boundary Layer”
Hosted by: Thomas Haine (EPS)

April 14, 2023
Dr. Louis St. Laurent (University of Washington)
“Oceanic Turbulence Measurements from UUV Systems”
Hosted by: Rui Ni (MechE)

April 21, 2023
Prof. Young J. Moon (Korea University)
“Aerodynamic Sound at Low Mach Numbers”
Hosted by: Jung-Hee Seo & Rajat Mittal (MechE)

April 28, 2023
Prof. Alban Sauret (University of California, Santa Barbara)
“Clogging: The Self-Sabotage of Suspension Flows”

Hosted by: Rui Ni (MechE)

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