Meetings & Summer Schools

  • 2013: Prof. Fulvio Scarano (Delft University of Technology) presents the CEAFM 3-Day Tomographic PIV and Applications Workshop. November 19, 21-22. Program Details
  • 2011: CEAFM is proud to have co-sponsored the 64th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD), which was held in Baltimore. CEAFM personnel led the organization of the meeting with Professor Andrea Prosperetti serving as organizing committee chair, and graduate students and postdocs providing technical service and support to the many parallel sessions. This year’s meeting had a record-setting number of >2,400 participants with up to 26 parallel sessions. November 20-22.
  • 2010: Tutorial School on Fluid Dynamics: Topics in Turbulence. University of Maryland.
  • 2008: Symposium on Fluid Science and Turbulence and Celebration of K.R. Sreenivasan on his 60th birthday.
  • 2003: Workshop on Cavitation & Related Research Issues. January 20-21.
  • 1998: JHU Conference in Environmental Fluid Mechanics honoring O.M. Phillips.

Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics