Seminar Series: Fall 2023

—–HODSON HALL 210 at 3:00 PM—–

September 8, 2023
Prof. Sutanu Sarkar (University of California, San Diego)
“Turbulent Wakes in the Environment”.
Hosted by: Prof. Rui Ni

September 15, 2023
No Seminar:

September 22, 2023
Prof. Wei Guo (Florida State University)
Visualization Study of Quantum Fluid Dynamics in Superfluid 4He”.
Hosted by: Prof. Charles Meneveau

September 29, 2023
Prof. Qi Li (Cornell University)
“Beyond Boundaries: Unraveling Urban Canopy Effects and Implications on Heat and Heavy Particle Transport”.
Hosted by: Prof. Rui Ni

October 6, 2023
Prof. Paulo E. Arratia (University of Pennsylvania)
“Viscoelastic Channel Flows: Turbulence without Inertia?”.
Hosted by: Prof. Dennice Gayme

October 13, 2023
Prof. Keith Moored (Lehigh University)
“Revealing the Hydrodynamics of Fish Schooling: Flow-Mediated Cohesion, Performance Benefits, and Scaling Laws”.
Hosted by: Prof. Rui Ni

October 20, 2022
FALL BREAK (No Seminar)

October 27, 2023
Dr. Luc Lenain (University of California, San Diego)
“Multi-Scale Observations of Air-Sea Interaction and Ocean Dynamics”.
Hosted by: Prof. Rui Ni

November 3, 2023
Prof. Darryn Waugh (Johns Hopkins University – Earth & Planetary Sciences)
“Polar Vortices: Earth, Mars, and Beyond”.
Hosted by: Prof. Thomas Haine

November 10, 2023
Prof. Tom Solomon (Bucknell University)
“Active Mixing in Laminar Flows: How is a Swimming Microbe like a Forest Fire?”.
Hosted by: Prof. Rui Ni

November 17, 2023
Prof. Daniel Chung (University of Melbourne)
“Flow Physics of Riblets Drag Reduction”.
Hosted by: Prof. Dennice Gayme

November 22-26, 2021
FALL BREAK (No Seminar)

December 1, 2023

December 4, 2023 (Special Date – Special Seminar)
Prof. Alexei Mailybaev (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro)
“Hidden Scale Invariance of the Navier-Stokes Turbulence”.
Hosted by: Prof. Gregory Eyink

December 8, 2023
Prof. Eckart Meiburg (University of California, Santa Barbara)
“Exploring Multiphase Flow Processes via Particle-Resolving Simulations”

Hosted by: Prof. Rui Ni

Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics