Ed Scheinerman has been named the Whiting School of Engineering’s vice dean for faculty, effective September 1, 2019.

He brings to this position a breadth of experience in areas including student and academic affairs and faculty hiring and promotion, as well as in building and maintaining critical collaborations with the Krieger School and other university divisions. He has been integral in helping define and carry out the school’s long-term strategic priorities in research, education, and translation.

Scheinerman began at Johns Hopkins in 1984 as a faculty member of what was then the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Later, as department chair, he played a key role in its transition into today’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. For the past 12 years, he has been a senior member of the Whiting School’s Office of the Dean.

As vice dean for education, Scheinerman oversaw all academic and student affairs and advising. His accomplishments during this period include leading the launch of the MSEM and the undergraduate PILOT program, as well as providing the vision for and oversight of the Center for Educational Outreach. While serving as vice dean for graduate education, he led the integration of the Engineering for Professionals programs with the full-time residential programs and launched the DEng degree program. Throughout this time, Scheinerman has remained active in his field, serving as principal investigator in the Human Language Technology Center of Excellence, authoring several textbooks, including The Mathematics Lover’s Companion, which was written for a general audience and is being translated into five languages, and being named as a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.