Author: Salena Fitzgerald
ASA Paper Award Winners

Dapeng Yao, Zhiyue Zhang, and Mao Hong all graduate students in the Whiting School of Engineering’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, have been selected by the American Statistical Association to receive 2024 Student Paper Awards across three different sections.

“Bayesian Sparse Gaussian Mixture Model in High Dimensions,” by Yao, was recognized in the ASA section on Bayesian Statistical Science (SBSS).

“Attentive Joint Model of Longitudinal Data, Survival, and Recurrent Events with Concurrent Latent Structure,”  by Zhang, was recognized in the ASA section on Lifetime Data Science (LiDS).

“A Policy Gradient Method for Confounded POMDP,” by Hong, was recognized in the ASA section on Nonparametric Statistics. 

The American Statistical Association recognizes outstanding graduate or undergraduate students enrolled in accredited academic programs. Winners also can present their papers at the 2024 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), scheduled for August in Portland, Oregon.