Making sure your path is PAVED

PAVED is an acronym to with to help you think about all the things that go into good Life Design.

 It includes


Also interests

What do you naturally gravitate to?  What excites you?


Or Skills

What are you good at?  What is learnable?


And your Vison of life

How do you see your career fitting in to it? What are your most closely held values?


Goes with your personality

How does personality environment fit come into play?


Where is there a need?

How can you add value? Make a difference?

The good thing is no matter what you endeavor to do you can use these principles to gage the field, job, and individual positions fit for you.  If all things are aligned, it fits your:


Uses your Abilities

Aligns with your most closely held Values

Is in the right Environment for your personality and

There is a Demand and need

That should be a great indicator that the opportunity at hand is a good fit for you to pursue!

So make sure your path is paved

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