When: Sep 22 2022 @ 1:30 PM

Title: Rigorous bifurcation methods for diblock and triblock copolymer models

Abstract: The Ohta-Kawasaki copolymer model exhibits a rich equilibrium  bifurcation structure. In this talk, I will describe computer-assisted proof methods computer-assisted proof technique for bounding the norm of the inverses of certain fourth-order elliptic operators, in combination with an application of a constructive version of the implicit function theorem. To illustrate these methods, I will show how they can be used to  validate equilibrium solutions in triblock copolymers, as well as how to validate  symmetry breaking pitchfork bifurcations in diblock copolymers for solutions with cyclic symmetry higher than $\mathbb{Z}_2$.

This work is joint with Thomas Wanner and Peter Rizzi.

Join via Zoom link: https://wse.zoom.us/j/95738965246