Seminar Series: Spring 2008

February 1, 2008
Dr. Theodore Shepherd (University of Toronto)
“Fluid dynamical issues in middle atmosphere modelling”

February 8 , 2008
Dr. Pablo Huq (University of Delaware)
“Dispersion of pollution in and above cities”

February 15, 2008
(No Seminar)

February 22, 2008
Dr. James Wallace (University of Maryland)
“Twenty years of experimental and DNS access to the velocity gradient tensor: What have we learned about turbulence?”

February 29, 2008
Dr. Rupert Klein (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)
“Core structure and motion of intense atmospheric vortices”

March 7, 2008
Dr. W. Brent Lindquist (Stony Brook University)
“The geometry of primary drainage”

March 14, 2008
Dr. Michael Schultz (U.S. Naval Academy)
“The effect of surface roughness on wall-bounded turbulent flows”

March 28, 2008
Dr. Laurent Mydlarski (McGill University)
“Scalar dispersion in inhomogeneous flow”

April 4, 2008
Dr. Eckart Meiburg (University of California at Santa Barbara)
“Computational investigations of gravity and turbidity currents”

April 11, 2008
Dr. Suneet Dwivedi (Johns Hopkins University)

April 18, 2008
Dr. Tim Janssen (Naval Postgraduate School)
“Nonlinear ocean waves across the continental shelf”

April 25, 2008
Dr. Balasubramanya Nadiga (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
“Eddy Fluxes in Geostrophic Turbulence”

Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics