Seminar Series: Fall 2006

September 8, 2006
Dr. Paolo Luchini (Universita di Salerno)
“Turbulent Drag Reduction Through Controlled Blowing and Suction in Duct Flow”

September 13, 2006
Dr. James McWilliams (Johns Hopkins University)
“Measurements of Complex Oceanic Flows, from Turbulence in the Coastal Ocean to Interaction of Zooplankton with its Local Environment”

September 22, 2006
Dr. Alexandra Techet (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Momentum Balance, hydrodynamic impulse and choreography in rapidly maneuvering live fish and flapping foils”

September 29, 2006
Dr. Christian Rodehacke (Columbia University)
Water Mass Transformation in the Southern Ocean: Tracer Studies with the regional Ocean Model BRIOS”

October 6, 2006
Dr. Luciano Castillo (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
“Application of the Equilibrium Similarity in Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layers”

October 13, 2006
Dr. Robert Barlow (Sandia National Laboratories)
“Scalar Structure of Turbulent Jet Flames in the Dissipation Range”

October 20, 2006
(No Seminar)

October 27, 2006
Dr. Benoit Cushman-Roisin (Dartmouth College)
“Beyond Adolf Fick: A New Model for Turbulent Dispersion”

November 3, 2006
Dr. Mark Schmeeckle (Arizona State University)
“Sediment Transport in Tight Spaces” 

November 10, 2006
Dr. Edwin Gerber (Columbia University)
“The Dynamics of the North Atlantic Oscillation and Annular Modes”

November 17, 2006
Dr. Roman Stocker (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Microbes, patches and plumes: Investigating microbial ecology with microfluids”

December 1, 2006
Dr. Alexandria Boehm (Stanford University)
“Microbial Pollution at Recreational Beaches: Sources and Transport to Nearshore Waters”

December 8, 2006
Dr. Peter Wilcock (Johns Hopkins University)
“Fluids go to bed: Transport and sorting in coarse-bedded streams”

Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics