Minor Requirements

The minor in Applied Mathematics and Statistics should be attractive to students majoring in a variety of disciplines, both in the School of Engineering and in the School of Arts and Sciences.  The minor provides formal recognition of depth and strength of a student’s quantitative knowledge beyond the minimal requirements of his/her major.


Students interested in a minor in Applied Mathematics and Statistics will need to complete these steps:

  • complete a Minor Course Plan (below)
  • download a copy of your unofficial transcript
  • submit the Minor Course Plan and transcript to Kristin Bechtel
  • submit a form in SIS requesting to add the minor.


The AMS Department will be pausing approvals of second majors and minors for a few weeks around the advising/registration period. Students may continue to submit requests in SIS, and academic staff will continue to meet with students, but we will not approve requests between April 5 and May 4.


The requirements of the minor in Applied Mathematics and Statistics are:

1.   Completion of an approved program of study containing at least 18 credits in courses coded Q.  The first two courses in calculus (i.e. 110.106-7 or 110.108-9 or 110.113, or their equivalents elsewhere) may not be used in fulfillment of this requirement.

2.   Among the courses comprising the 18 credits, there must be:

  • at least four (3- or 4-credit) courses in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.
  • at least three (3- or 4-credit) courses at the 300-level or above, of which at least two must be in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.
  • an approved semester course in scientific computing, chosen from 171.426, 250.205, 500.200, 510.202, 530.371, 540.305, 553.281, 553.383, 553.385, 553.386, 553.388, 553.400, 553.413, 553.433, 553.436, 553.443, 553.450, 553.488, 553.489, 553.493, 560.220, 570.210, 580.200, 580.223, 580.242 & 580.244, 601.433, 601.475, 601.482 or one of the courses approved to meet the AMS Master’s/PhD Computing Requirement.

3.   All courses counted in fulfillment of requirements for the minor must be taken for a letter grade and be a C- or higher.

4.   Students may not count all three courses, 553.310/311, 553.420/620, and 553.430/630 toward minor requirements.


Minor Course Plan

Minor Sample Programs


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