AMS Affiliates

Vladimir Braverman, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Research Interests: Algorithms for Massive Data, Randomized and Streaming Algorithms

Gregory Chirikjian, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Computational Structural Biology, Applied Mathematics, Robotics

Michael Dinitz, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Research Interests: Theoretical Computer Science, Approximation Algorithms, Computer Networking, Distributed Computing

John Goutsias, Professor, The Center for Imaging Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: Shape Analysis, Modeling Biochemical Regulatory Systems, Image Analysis, Genomic Signal Processing and Analysis, Bioinformatics

Benjamin F. Hobbs, Professor, Geography and Environmental Engineering
Research Interests: Energy and Environmental Systems and Economics

Pablo Iglesias, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: Systems and Control Theory, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Guidance and Control, Feedback Control in Biological Signal Transduction

Takeru Igusa, Professor, Civil Engineering, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Research Interests: Systems Science Methods, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Dynamics and Acoustics, Topology Optimization Under Uncertainties

S. Rao Kosaraju, Edward J. Schaefer Professor, Computer Science
Research Interests: Design of Algorithms, Parallel Computations, Pattern Matching, Robotics, Computational Geometry.

Enrique Mallada, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: Networked dynamical systems, Power systems, Control theory, Optimization

Michael I. Miller, Professor, Biomedical Engineering, The Center for Imaging Science

Jerry L. Prince, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: multi-dimensional signal processing, medical imaging, computational geometry.

Suchi Saria, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Sauleh Siddiqui, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, Systems Institute
Research Interests: Natural Gas and Crude Oil Infrastructure and Markets, Electricity Markets, US Biofuel Policy, Patient Flow in Hospitals, Clinical Trials System, Global Bicycling, Global Vaccination, Bilevel Optimization, Multiobjective Optimization, Integer Optimization and Equilibrium

Joshua T. Vogelstein, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests: Big data science, especially statistical and computational connectomics

Elana Fertig, Associate Professor, Department of Oncology
Research Interests: computational methods for pattern detection from genomics data, integration of diverse high-throughput data modalities

Fei Lu, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
Research Interests: probability, statistics, and their applications in scientific computing

Youngmi Hur, Associate Professor, Yonsei University; and Assistant Research Professor, JHU Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Vince Lyzinski, Senior Research Scientist, JHU Human Language Technology Center of Excellence; and Assistant Research Professor, JHU Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

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