Undergraduate Em Ambrosius becomes board member

Em Ambrosius, who is studying applied math and chemistry, became a board member of the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance in the spring of their first year at Hopkins. “I learned about DSAGA during a JHU orientation event. We struggled with membership during COVID, but I am excited for in-person meetings this year,” says Ambrosius. “One of the best parts of our meetings is how we go around and introduce ourselves at the beginning of every meeting. If you’re trying out new pronouns or experimenting with a different name, it doesn’t have to be through some big announcement that you change the way people refer to you; you can just introduce yourself and try it out,” says Ambrosius, who uses they/them pronouns.

“Membership is confidential, so students don’t have to worry about revealing their identity if they’re not out yet. For me, it’s a safe space where I can totally be myself, within my nonbinary identity, and everyone’s okay with that,” they say. DSAGA caters mostly to queer students but is also welcoming of their friends and allies. The group’s main goal is to foster a sense of community, to provide a space for conversations and connections.

This story was excerpted from The Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering Magazine. Read the complete story here.