Author: Salena Fitzgerald
Assistant Professor, Nicolas Loizou

Nicolas Loizou, assistant professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and the Mathematical Institute for Data Science (MINDS), has been recognized with a Cisco Research Gift.

His funded project, “Multi-Player Federated Learning: Efficient Algorithms and Applications,” will build on his previous work in large-scale optimization, algorithmic game theory, and federated learning.

The project seeks to facilitate collaboration between members of Loizou’s team in the JHU Optimization and Machine Learning Lab and Cisco researchers to establish the foundations of multi-player federated learning.

“The CISCO Research gift will help us focus on the design, analysis, and high-performance computing implementations of new classes of computationally efficient federated learning algorithms suitable for multi-player game formulations,” said Loizou of the one-year, unrestricted grant.

He aims to develop open-source tools with the goal of conducting research in federated learning that benefits the broader machine-learning community.