Helyette Geman, industry expert in commodity derivatives, explores the agricultural marketplace and cycles in agricultural commodity pricing in her new book entitled Agricultural Finance: From Crops to Land, Water, and Infrastructure. For more information, please click here.

Book Summary:

The book briefly recalls the relation of agriculture to the roots of sedentarism and goes on explaining how the intersecting trends of demographic changes and their consequences for food security, world globalization, advances in finance and trade together with some return to barter are transforming agricultural commodities’ supply and its risk management.

The specificities of each commodity market, from corn to sorghum and cocoa to fertilizers are presented, together with the novelties of digital farming and its joint development with water and infrastructure worldwide, and in Africa in particular.

Lastly, specific chapters are dedicated to the pricing and hedging of financial instruments popular in agricultural markets from Futures and swaps to accumulators, and the valuation of physical assets such as units of production of DAP from phosphate or silos and other storage facilities.