Neal Lim, a rising sophomore majoring in applied mathematics with a minor in English, was a newcomer to baseball when he was assigned to the Baltimore Urban Baseball Association. Founded in 2016, BUBA teaches, coaches, mentors, and educates through baseball to enhance the quality of life for urban youths. Its aims include growing the game in Baltimore, increasing the city’s baseball resources, providing safe and organized programming for Baltimore’s young people, and preparing urban high schoolers for college and professional baseball. After an initial Zoom call with BUBA founder Andy Weltlinger, Lim quickly became a fan of both the sport and the nonprofit. Some of Lim’s tasks as an intern included removing graffiti, fixing the sports clock, and coordinating a golf cart donation—all things he’d never done before. When he wasn’t tackling those tasks, he updated memberships and profiles, helped register participants, and assisted with practices. And of course, he learned about the game—and himself.

“I think the skills I’ve learned here—being able to communicate with people but also learning software and interfaces quickly, administrative work but also physical training, and being able to work with people as well—these are skills that I can take with me to the classroom setting, or my business or professional life,” Lim says.

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