Major Requirements

Stained glassA major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics opens up countless opportunities for intellectual growth and career advancement. Through the major, our students are encouraged to develop an appreciation for the role mathematical modeling plays in decision making and the building of scientific knowledge.

We provide our students with a solid mathematical foundation by covering discrete mathematics, optimization, probability, statistics, and differential equations. We also allow students the flexibility to explore other disciplines, including ones in which mathematics plays a critical role, such as biology, biomedical engineering, finance, and economics. Students often find they can pursue interests in disciplines for which the connection to mathematics is not as obvious, such as environmental engineering, computer science, finance, and economics.


Students interested in a major or second major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics should see the department’s Academic Program Coordinator with a copy of their unofficial transcript and an “Add a (Second) Major” form, which can be obtained at the Registrar’s Office.

For information about major requirements, please see the section below that corresponds to your date of matriculation at JHU.






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