Wyman S445
Research Areas
Financial mathematics
Equity derivative trading and risk management
Number theory

John Miller is a senior lecturer in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. His research focuses on number theory, especially the Weber problem and other class number problems, cyclotomic fields and Zp-extensions, norm-Euclidean domains, the Minkowski conjecture, the principal ideal problem, and related lattice problems, class group computation methods, and low-lying zeros of Dirichlet L-functions and Dedekind zeta functions. Most recently, he has begun to investigate the class groups of ray class fields of imaginary quadratic fields, and the Zp-extensions built out of these. He also is working on problems associated with real quadratic fields, as well as elliptic curves over real quadratic fields.

 He received a BS at Princeton University in 1992 and a PhD at Rutgers University in 2015.