John Miller

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

  • financial mathematics
  • equity derivative trading and risk management
  • number theory
  • Ph.D. 2015, Rutgers University
  • Bachelor of Science 1992, Princeton University
  • 2020 - Present:  Lecturer, WSE Engineering for Professionals (EP)
  • 1992 - 2007:  Managing Director (Equity Derivatives Trading and Chief Risk Officer for the Equities Division), Equity Derivatives and Chief Risk Officer, Equities Division
Journal Articles
  • Miller JC (2015).  Class numbers in cyclotomic Zp-extensions.  Journal of Number Theory.  150(May 2015).  47-73.
  • Miller JC (2015).  Real cyclotomic fields of prime conductor and their class numbers.  Mathematics of Computation.  84.  2459-2469.
  • Miller JC (2014).  Class numbers of totally real fields and applications to the Weber class number problem.  Acta Arithmetica.  164(4).  381-397.
  • Miller JC (2014).  Class numbers of real cyclotomic fields of composite conductor.  LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics.  17(Special Issue A).  404-417.
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