When: Apr 01 @ 1:30 PM

Title: Nature vs. Nurture in Complex (and Not-So-Complex) Systems
Abstract: Understanding the dynamical behavior of many-particle systems following a deep quench is a central issue in both statistical mechanics and complex systems theory. One of the basic questions centers on the issue of predictability: given a system with a random initial state evolving through a well-defined stochastic dynamics, how much of the information contained in the state at future times depends on the initial condition (“nature”) and how much on the dynamical realization (“nurture”)? We discuss this question and present both old and new results for both homogeneous and random systems in low and high dimension.
Starting from next week, I’ll be taking over the seminar hosting duties from Amitabh, who is going on paternity leave. We’ll keep the zoom link and all other procedures exactly the same as they are now. Amitabh has created a well-oiled machine!
Here is the recording from the seminar above:
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