This resource lists many courses considered for approval in past years.

Each student’s AMS MSE program proposal is reviewed and considered in its entirety, checking for content overlap, appropriate course sequencing, and adherence to all other degree requirements.  Remember that, at most, three outside (non EN.553) courses may be counted toward your degree requirements.

The appearance of a course listed as “approved” on this list DOES NOT imply it will be approved for every student in every situation.  Students are required to start the approval process by submitting a program proposal well in advance of taking the course.

580.631 Intro to Computational Medicine: Imaging Approved
580.638 Neuro Data Design 2 NOT APPROVED
580.639 Models of the Neuron Approved
580.691 Learning, Estimation and Control Approved
580.697 Neuro Data Design I NOT APPROVED
580.721 Systems Bioengineering I Approved

PH.140.600-PH.140.629 NOT APPROVED
PH.140.630 Intro to Data Management NOT APPROVED
PH.140.631 SAS Statistical Package: Survey Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.632 Intro to the SAS Statistical Package Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.636 Computer Science for Bioinformatics NOT APPROVED
PH.140.640 Statistical Methods for Sample Surveys Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.641 Survival Analysis Approved as 1/2 course
PH 140.644 Statistical Machine Learning: Methods, Theory and Applications Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.651 Methods in Biostatistics 1 Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.652 Methods In Biostatistics 2 Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.653 Methods In Biostatistics 3 Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.654 Methods In Biostatistics 4 Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.655 Analysis of Longitudinal Data Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.658 Statistics for Psychosocial Research: Structural Models Approved as 1/2 course
PH 140.664 Causal Inference in Medicine and Public Health I Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.665 Causal Inference in Medicine and Public Health II Approved as 1/2 course
PH 140.676 Biostatistical Analysis of Epidemiologic Data I: Logistic Regression Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.677 Biostatistical Analysis of Epidemiologic Data II: Poisson and Conditional Logistic Regression Analysis Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.698 Spatial Analysis 3 Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.699 Spatial Analysis 4 Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.742 Risk Prediction & Precision Medicine Approved as 1/2 course
PH 140.751 Advanced Methods in Biostatistics I Approved as 1/2 course
PH 140.752 Advanced Methods in Biostatistics 2 Approved as 1/2 course
PH.140.776 Statistical Computing NOT APPROVED

540.614 Computational Protein Structure Prediction & Design Approved
540.615 Interfacial Science with Application to Nanoscale Systems NOT APPROVED
540.630 Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics and Kinetics Approved
540.635 Software Carpentry NOT APPROVED
540.652 Advanced Transport Phenomena Approved
540.671 Advanced Thermodynamics in Practice Approved

560.601 Applied Math for Engineers NOT APPROVED
560.604 Intro to Solid Mechanics Approved
560.608 Multilevel and Multiobjective Optimization in Systems Approved
560.618 Probabilistic Methods in Civil Engineering and Mechanics Approved
560.641 Equilibirum Models in Systems Engineering Approved
560.645 Topics in Optimization: Integer and Robust Optimization Approved
560.650 Operations Research Approved
560.653 Intro to Network Modeling Approved
560.658 Natural Disaster Risk Modeling Approved
560.667 Topology Optimization and Design for Additive Manufacturing Approved
560.730 Finite Element Methods Approved
560.740 Optimization and Learning Approved
560.772 Non-linear Finite Elements Approved
560.775 Bilevel Optimization in Energy Systems Approved

601.615 Databases Approved
601.620 Parallel Programming for Data Science Approved
601.621 Object Oriented Software Engineering NOT APPROVED
601.622 Software Testing and Debugging NOT APPROVED
601.624 Reliable Software Systems NOT APPROVED
601.629 Functional Programming in Software Engineering NOT APPROVED
601.630 Combinatorics and Graph Theory in Computer Science Approved
601.631 Theory of Computation Approved
601.633 Intro Algorithms Approved
601.634 Randomized and Big Data Algorithms Approved
601.635 Approximation Algorithms Approved
601.636 Algorithmic Game Theory Approved
601.641 Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies Approved
601.642 Modern Cryptography Approved
601.645 Practical Cryptographic Systems Approved
601.648 Computational Genomics: Data Analysis Approved
601.661 Computer Vision Approved
601.664 Artificial Intelligence Approved
601.665 Natural Language Processing Approved
601.667 Intro to Human Language Technology Approved
601.668 Machine Translation Approved
601.671 Natural Language Processing Self-Supervised Models Approved
601.675 Machine Learning Approved
601.677 Causal Inference Approved
601.682 Machine Learning:Deep Learning Approved
601.775 Statistical Machine Learning Approved
601.778 Advanced Topics in Causal Inference Approved
601.779 Machine Learning Advanced Topics Approved
601.780 Unsupervised Learning From Big Data to Low-Dimensional Representations Approved
601.783 Vision as Bayesian Inference Approved

180.636 Statistical Inference NOT APPROVED
180.653 Numerical Methods in Economics Approved

520.601 Intro to Linear Systems Theory Approved
520.612 Machine Learning for Signal Processing Approved
520.618 Modern Convex Optimization Approved
520.621 Intro to Nonlinear Systems Approved
520.622 Principle of Complex Networked Systems Approved
520.623 Medical Image Analysis Approved
520.629 Networked Dynamical Systems Approved
520.633 Intro Robust Control Approved
520.635 Digital Signal Processing Approved
520.636 Feedback Control in Biological Signaling Pathways Approved
520.637 Foundations of Reinforcement Learning Approved
520.638 Deep Learning Approved
520.645 Audio Signal Processing Approved
520.646 Wavelets and Filter Banks Approved
520.647 Information Theory Approved
520.648 Compressed Sensing and Sparse Recovery Approved
520.651 Random Signal Analysis Approved
520.652 Filtering and Smoothing Approved
520.654 Control Systems Design Approved
520.659 Machine Learning for Medical Applications Approved
520.665 Machine Perception Approved
520.666 Information Extraction Approved
520.698 Networks Meet Machine Learning: Methods and Applications Approved

525.627 Digital Signal Processing Approved
525.707 Error Control Coding Approved
525.724 Intro to Pattern Recognition Approved
525.770 Intelligent Algorithms NOT APPROVED
525.783 Spread Spectrum Communications Approved
555.644 Intro to Financial Derivatives Approved
555.645 Interest Rate and Credit Derivatives Approved
555.646 Financial Risk Management and Measurement Approved
555.648 Financial Engineering & Structured Products Approved
575.608 Optimization Methods for Public Decision Making NOT APPROVED
605.635 Cloud Computing NOT APPROVED
605.645 Artificial Intelligence Approved
605.647 Neural Networks NOT APPROVED
605.662 Data Visualization NOT APPROVED
625.603 Statistical Methods and Data Analysis Approved
625.604 Ordinary Differential Equations Approved
625.609 Matrix Theory Approved
625.615 Intro to Optimization Approved
625.636 Graph Theory Approved
625.638 Foundations of Neural Networks Approved
625.641 Mathematics of Finance Approved
625.651 Mathematical Models in Healthcare Approved
625.661 Statistical Models and Regression Approved
625.665 Bayesian Statistics Approved
625.692 Probabilistic Graphical Models Approved
625.714 Intro Stochastic Differential Equations with Applications Approved
625.717 Advanced Differential Equations: Partial Differential Equations Approved
625.718 Advanced Differential Equations: Nonlinear Differential Equations Approved
625.722 Probability, Stochastic Processes II Approved
685.621 Algorithms for Data Science Approved
705.601 Applied Machine Learning Approved

570.607 Energy Policy and Planning Models Approved
570.616 Data Analytics in Environmental Health and Engineering Approved
570.618 Multiobject Programming and Planning Approved
570.654 Geostatistics: Understanding Spatial Data Approved
570.657 Air Pollution Approved
570.695 Environmental Health and Engineering Systems Design Approved
570.697 Risk & Decision Analysis Approved

110.401 Intro to Advanced Algebra (in-person) Approved
110.401 Intro to Advanced Algebra (online) NOT APPROVED
110.405 Real Analysis I Approved
110.406 Real Analysis II Approved
110.411 Honors Algebra I Approved
110.413 Intro to Topology Approved
110.415 Honors Analysis I Approved
110.416 Honors Analysis II Approved
110.417 Partial Differential Equations Approved
110.421 Dynamical Systems Approved
110.433 Intro to Harmonic Analysis Approved
110.439 Intro to Differential Geometry Approved
110.443 Fourier Analysis Approved
110.445 Math and Computational Foundations of Data Science Approved
110.601 Algebra I Approved
110.605 Real Variables Approved
110.607 Complex Variables Approved
110.615 Algebraic Topology 1 Approved
110.616 Algebraic Topology Approved
110.631 Partial Differential Equations I Approved
110.632 Partial Differential Equations II Approved
110.633 Harmonic Analysis Approved
110.637 Functional Analysis Approved
110.645 Riemannian Geometry I Approved
110.653 Stochastic Diff Equations with Applications Approved
110.712 Topics in Mathematical Physics Approved
110.741 Topics in Partial Differential Equations Approved

530.603 Applied Optimal Control Approved
530.605 Mechanics of Solids and Materials Approved
530.616 Intro to Linear Systems Theory Approved
530.641 Statistical Learning for Engineers Approved
530.653 Advanced Systems Modeling Approved
530.654 Advanced Systems Modeling II Approved
530.767 Computational Fluid Dynamics Approved

171.610 Numerical Methods for Physicists Approved
171.612 Interstellar Medium and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics Approved
171.755 Fourier Optics and Interferometry in Astronomy Approved