Applications to change from one Master’s program within the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics to another Master’s program within the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics must be made no later than the 6th week of the student’s second semester.  Interested students should contact academic staff for application instructions.  Admission to a different Master’s program is not guaranteed.   If a program request change is approved, a student will not be considered for another program change request at a later date.

Students who have met the graduate residency requirement and have fewer than 9 credits required in their final semester can apply to change to part-time student status.

  • Part-time students are not eligible for departmental financial support for tuition.  The university charges a minimum tuition amount for part-time students, beyond which tuition will be charged on a per-credit rate.  You can learn more here.
  • Part-time students are charged tuition for audited courses.
  • Part-time students are given lower priority with regard to selection as an AMS Teaching Assistant.
  • International students in their final semester must enroll in at least one on-site, graded course that will be used to meet degree requirements.  Online courses are not acceptable. International students are advised to consult with OIS before requesting a change of status.

The status change application process can take several weeks, so students should start well in advance of the semester they wish to attend part-time.  Please be aware that a student will not be able to drop below 9 credits in SIS and a student’s bill will not be adjusted until all steps are completed and the Registrar’s Office is able to change their status in SIS.

The Fall 2024 deadline for completion of Step 2  is Thursday, September 5, 2024.  Requests to change to part-time status will not be considered after this date.  (The Spring 2025 deadline is January 30, 2025.)

In order to apply for part-time status, students must:

Step 1

Step 2

  • Domestic students should submit an email request to Kristin Bechtel for part-time approval.
  • International students should complete a F-1 Reduced Course Load form in the OIS iHopkins system, entering their faculty advisor’s name and contact information.  Advisors can sign this form once a student has a fully approved Master’s proposal form.

Step 3 (international students only)

  • Once OIS approves a reduced course load, students will receive an email notification saying their office has reviewed your RCL request.  Please submit that email or revised I-20 to Kristin Bechtel showing the approval.  The department can then notify the Registrar of the change to part-time status.