Learning Objectives for Financial Mathematics Master’s students:

  1. Gain knowledge of financial markets and asset classes, how markets are regulated, how they are structured and operate
  2. Gain knowledge of investments, portfolios, asset allocation, risk management
  3. Gain knowledge of how financial derivatives are modeled and valued
  4. Gain an ability for areas of applied mathematics that are most useful in real financial application (statistical analysis, time series analysis, optimization, Monte-Carlo methods, stochastic processes)
  5. Develop communications skills
  6. Develop computational skills
  7. Gain insight as to how this knowledge and these skills integrate in the workplace environment


The primary source of advice and counseling about a student’s progress is the faculty advisor.

When a student first enters the department, the student is assigned an academic advisor.  The academic advisor assists the student in selecting courses and other administrative tasks, and provides general career guidance.


The department conducts semi-annual reviews of all graduate students, and notifies each student in writing of any concerns.

At the end of each academic semester, faculty instructors for each of a student’s courses (even those outside the department) are asked to complete a written evaluation of the student’s performance.  If a student is a teaching assistant, the supervising faculty member is asked for a written performance evaluation also.

A full-time master’s student who fails, in a given semester, to receive a grade of B- or better in at least two courses in their master’s program will be placed on Academic Probation. For a full-time master’s student on Academic Probation, failure to pass at least two courses with a B- or better in their master’s program is grounds for dismissal. Also, in any given semester, whether or not a student is on Academic Probation, they may be dismissed if they do not receive any grades of B- or better in their master’s program.

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The program regularly receives announcements for employment and internships and these are immediately forwarded to our students. In addition, the links provided below connect to general employment resources.