Students become inducted into Eta Kappa Nu during their junior and senior years at Hopkins. Juniors may get inducted by being in the top fourth of their class, and seniors must be in the top third of their class to be eligible for membership. If you qualify academically, you will be contacted by HKN.


Undergraduate candidates shall be selected from those students in the Junior or Senior class who are pursuing courses leading to a Baccalaureate or equivalent degree in electrical engineering.

  • Juniors who have a cumulative scholastic rank in the upper quarter of their electrical engineering class may be elected.
  • Seniors who have a cumulative scholastic rank in the upper third of their electrical engineering class may be elected.

(extracted from The Eta Kappa Nu Constitution, Article IV, Section 3)

Inductions are held twice a year and if you qualify academically, you will be automatically contacted by HKN.

Why Join?

Top ten reasons to join Eta Kappa Nu:

  • Academic Accomplishment
    Ensure that your exceptional academic accomplishment and strong character is publicly recognized by the entire ECE industry.
  • Networking Opportunities
    Gain numerous networking opportunities by joining an organization that has members in leading roles with corporations, government and universities.
  • Access to Key Positions
    Possess greater access to key positions and rapid career advancement as all of these organizations actively seek HKN members.
  • Long-term Relationships
    Build a network of long-term relationships that will aid your career with HKN students who will become your friends and professional colleagues.
  • Receive Advice
    Know most of your department’s faculty members on a personal level and interact with them on HKN projects as well as receive advice on your future.
  • Résumé Enhancer
    Use your HKN membership as a résumé enhancer when seeking a position or applying for graduate school. Employers prefer to hire HKN members with their leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Helping
    Receive opportunities to help the ECE Department, fellow students, and the community in chapter activities.
  • HKN Activities
    Participate in HKN activities, which enable development of vital professional skills such as leadership, communications, and teamwork through practical hands-on experience.
  • “HKN Only” Opportunities
    Access opportunities that exist purely for HKN Members to broaden knowledge, increase understanding and perfect professional skills through HKN Student Chapter Projects.
  • Leadership Skills
    Develop leadership skills to prepare for high track professional careers.

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