Current Projects

  1. OCT Image Guided Microsurgical Tools with Enhanced Surgical Functions
  2. Microvascular anastomosis guidance and evaluation using real-time three- dimensional Fourier-domain Doppler optical coherence tomography
  3. Extravascular Optical Coherence Tomography for  Evaluation of Carotid Atherosclerosis
  4. Evaluation of Ectopic Volar Skin
  5. The role of astrocytes in reward-based learning
  6. Polarization-sensitive multispectral imaging for optimizing intestinal anastomosis placements
  7. Interventional PhotoAcoustic Surgical System
  8. OCT Imaging and Assistive Systems for Cochlear Implant Surgery
  9. Fluorescent sensors for neurotransmitters –towards real-time imaging of acetylcholine in vivo
  10. In Vivo Laser Retinal Abrasion using 6.3 µm Quantum Cascade Laser