Complex Turbulence

Rough Wall Turbulence

Our Project aims at applying advanced PIV techniques to measure near-wall flow structures over the rough surface in a turbulent channel flow. More »

Accelerating Turbulence Boundary Layers

Turbulent boundary layers are subjected to favorable pressure gradients (FPG) in numerous technological applications such as flow through turbomachines and over aircraft wings. More »

Smooth Wall Turbulent Boundary Layers


Rapid Straining of Turbulence

Uniformly distorted turbulence, i.e., turbulence with superimposed uniform mean velocity gradient, is simplified model of many existing engineering turbulent flows, for example, the flow around a running ship propeller and the turbulent flow in contraction (expansion) duct. More »

Turbulence in Canopy Flows

In the Bio-Complexity project, advanced instrumentation required to understand and predict the emission and transport of “Primary Biological Aerosol Particles” (PBAP) into the atmosphere is developed and tested both in the laboratory and in the field. More »

Turbulence over Superhydrophobic Surfaces

Over the last decade, the super-hydrophobic surfaces (SHSs) have been reported to reduce the hydrodynamic skin-friction, initially in laminar flows, and recently in turbulent boundary layers as well. More »