Selected Publications

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† Equal contribution; * Correspondance

19. Injectable Ventral Spinal Stimulator Evokes Programmable and Biomimetic Hindlimb Motion [link]

D. Lin*, J.M. Lee, C. Wang, H-G. Park, C. M. Lieber*, Nano Letters (2023)

18. Time-tagged ticker tapes for intracellular recordings

[link][News][Nat. Methods Highlight][Nat. Rev. Genet. Highlight]

D. Lin*†, X. Li, E. Moult, P. Park, B. Tang, H. Shen, J. B. Grimm, N. Falco, B. Jia, D. Baker, L. D. Lavis, A. E. Cohen*, Nature Biotechnology, 41, 631–639 (2023)

17. Scalable Three-Dimensional Recording Electrodes for Probing Biological Tissues [link]

J.M. Lee†, D. Lin†, G. Hong†, K.-H. Kim, H.-G. Park*, and C. M. Lieber*, Nano Letters, 22, 4552–4559 (2022)

16.  All-tissue-like multifunctional optoelectronic mesh for deep-brain modulation and mapping [link]

J.M. Lee†, D. Lin†, H.-R. Kim, Y.-W. Pyo, G. Hong*, C. M. Lieber*, and H.-G. Park*, Nano Letters 21, 3184–3190 (2021)

15.  Nanoenabled direct contact interfacing of syringe-injectable mesh electronics [link]

J.M. Lee†, G. Hong†, D. Lin†, T.G. Schuhmann, A.T. Sullivan, R.D. Viveros, H.-G. Park and C.M. Lieber*, Nano Letters 19, 5818-5826 (2019). 

14.  Fast galvanic lithium corrosion involving a Kirkendall-type mechanism [link]

D. Lin†, Y. Liu†, Y. Li, Y. Li, A. Pei, J. Xie, W. Huang, and Y. Cui*, Nature Chemistry 11 (4), 382 (2019)

13.  A Silica‐aerogel‐reinforced composite polymer electrolyte with high ionic conductivity and high modulus [link]

D. Lin, P. Y. Yuen, Y. Liu, W. Liu, N. Liu, R. Dauskardt and Y. Cui*, Advanced Materials 30 (32), 1802661 (2018)

12.  Reviving the lithium metal anode for high-energy batteries [link]

D. Lin†, Y. Liu†, and Y. Cui*, Nature Nanotechnology 12 (3), 194–206 (2017)

11.  Three-dimensional stable lithium metal anode with nanoscale lithium islands embedded in ionically conductive solid matrix [link]

D. Lin, J. Zhao, J. Sun, H. Yao, Y. Liu, K. Yan, Y. Cui*, PNAS 114 (18), 4613-4618 (2017)

10.  Conformal lithium fluoride protection layer on three-dimensional lithium by nonhazardous gaseous reagent freon [link]

D. Lin, Y. Liu, W. Chen, G. Zhou, K. Liu, B. Dunn, and Y. Cui*, Nano Letters 17 (6), 3731–3737 (2017)

9.    Nanoscale perspective: Materials designs and understandings in lithium metal anodes [link]

D. Lin, Y. Liu, A. Pei, and Y. Cui*, Nano Research 10 (12), 4003–4026 (2017)

8.    Layered reduced graphene oxide with nanoscale interlayer gaps as a stable host for lithium metal anodes [link]

D. Lin†, Y. Liu†, Z. Liang, H-W Lee, J. Sun, H. Wang, K. Yan, J. Xie, Y. Cui*, Nature Nanotechnology 11 (7), 626-632 (2016)

7.    Lithium-coated polymeric matrix as a minimum volume-change and dendrite-free lithium metal anode [link]

Y. Liu†, D. Lin†, Z. Liang, J. Zhao, K. Yan, Y. Cui*, Nature Communications 7, 10992 (2016) 

6.    All-integrated bifunctional separator for Li dendrite detection via novel solution synthesis of a thermostable polyimide separator [link]

D. Lin, D Zhuo, Y Liu, and Y Cui*, JACS 138 (34), 11044-11050 (2016)

5.    High ionic conductivity of composite solid polymer electrolyte via in situ synthesis of monodispersed SiO2 nanospheres in polyethylene oxide [link]

D. Lin, W. Liu, Y. Liu, H.R. Lee, P.C. Hsu, K. Liu, Y. Cui*, Nano Letters 16 (1), 459-465 (2016)

4.    Stabilizing lithium metal anodes by uniform Li-ion flux distribution in nanochannel confinement [link]

W. Liu†, D. Lin†, A. Pei†, and Y. Cui*, JACS 138 (47), 15443–15450 (2016)

3.    A high tap density secondary silicon particle anode fabricated by scalable mechanical pressing for lithium-ion batteries [link]

D. Lin, Z. Lu, P.C. Hsu, H.R. Lee, N. Liu, J. Zhao, H. Wang, C. Liu, Y. Cui*, Energy & Environment Science 8 (8), 2371-2376 (2015)

2.    [010] uniaxial-anisotropy induced asymmetry of magnetic reversal in (Ga,Mn) As [link]

D.C. Lin, G.Y. Bi, F. Li, C. Song*, Y.Y. Wang, B. Cui, G.Y. Wang, F. Pan*, Journal of Applied Physics 113 (4), 043906 (2013)

1.    Giant coercivity in perpendicularly magnetized cobalt monolayer [link]

D.C. Lin, C. Song*, B. Cui, Y.Y. Wang, G.Y. Wang, F. Pan*, Applied Physics Letters 101 (11), 112405 (2012).

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