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Dingchang Lin, Ph.D. (He/his)

Principle Investigator

Materials Science and Engineering 

Johns Hopkins University 

Maryland Hall 101-F

[email protected] 


Postdoc, Harvard University, Chemistry and Chemical Biology (2018-2022)

Ph.D., Stanford University, MSE (2018)

B.S., Tsinghua University, MSE (2013)

Jiaxi Lu

561676503121 .pic e1676503702358

MSE PhD Student (2023-)

M.S. Johns Hopkins University

B.S. Shandong University

I like coffee, soccer, bouldering and my cat”

Yongzhi Sun

Yongzhi Sun

MSE PhD Student (2023-)

M.S. BME Johns Hopkins University 

B.S. Southeast University, China

“I like playing soccer, badminton, and cooking”

Yuqing Yan

Yuqing Yan

MSE PhD Student (2022-)

B.S. Univ. of Manchester

“I enjoy sleeping”

Tiara Safaei

Tiara Safaei e1662144526302

ChBE Undergraduate Student 

“I like figure skating and volunteering at the animal shelter”

Nathaniel Sheps

Nathaniel Sheps scaled e1676504343582

ChBE undergraduate Student

I go on evening walks around the city, checking out new restaurants

Rishi Sheth

Rishi Sheth scaled e1676504195291

MSE undergraduate Student

 I like to travel and explore new restaurants

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Fall, 2022
2022 Christmas
Christmas, 2022
Group Alumni

Kai San Chan

Shiori Harima