Professor Sang (Peter) Chin

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

3400 N. Charles Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Phone: (410) 507-8558



I was a student of Richard Melrose at MIT (Ph.D., 1998). While in grad school, I also studied under Prof. S.-T. Yau at Harvard University. Before that, I went to college at Duke University where I was a triple major in electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics (class of 93).

 I am also a research professor in the Dept. of Computer Science & Hariri Institute for Computing at Boston University, My primary appointment is with Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA., where I am a Chief Scientist – Decision Systems, and lead various research in the area of Data-to-Decision (D2D). I am also a research affiliate of Dept. of AeroAstro Engineering atMIT, from which Draper Lab started as Prof. Draper’s Laboratory 80 some years ago in 1943, and a visiting research fellow at London Institute of Mathematical Sciences. My life-time job, however, is to serve God and His purpose in my generation, and I attend Antioch Baptist Church located in Cambridge, MA.

My other (full-time) job is to solve challenging yet interesting problems using mathematics. I am chief scientist at Cyber Technologies Branch of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.