New Project Announced

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to an infection. It can rapidly cause tissue damage, organ failure and death. This project involves designing hardware or software tools that can help users conduct early diagnosis for their probability of Sepsis infection based on their inputs and also can offer them some advice, or to help patients keep tracking of their Sepsis treatment and symptoms by collecting data in different phase of the treatment to help improving their health condition.

For more information check out the poster:
Sepsis Here We Come

Course Introduction

Leading Innovation Design Team (LINDT) A project design course that Complements and/or Builds on Core Engineering Knowledge with emphasis on Multi-disciplinary projects.
All Projects will be sponsored, have clearly defined objectives, and must yield a Tangible Result at Completion. Project duration can vary between a minimum of 2 semesters and a maximum of 5 years. This course will afford the students the opportunity to use their creativity to innovate and to master critical skills such as: customer/user discovery and product specifications/requirements; concept development; trade study; systems engineering and design optimization; root cause trouble shooting; and effective team work. The students will also experience first hand the joys and challenges of the professional world. The course will be actively managed and supervised to represent the most effective industry practices with the instruction team, including guest speakers, providing customized lectures, technical support, and guidance. In addition, the students will have frequent interactions with the project sponsor and their technical staff. Now here’s you’re opportunity to think and act big while still in college!