Professional Scientists and Engineers: Your Success Starts Here.

Whether you are looking to enhance your education or advance your career, Lifelong Learning offers the same rigorous, high-quality learning opportunities as any of our degree programs, but allows you to choose from shorter-term offerings that suit your needs and your schedule.

Our extensive professional development options and courses gives you the power to advance your career through education in the science and engineering discipline that is of interest to you. You can take a single course, enroll in a short-term specialty class, or earn a certificate. Whatever path you choose, your continued success and career advancement starts here.


Learn the latest skills in engineering through Johns Hopkins Engineering courses offered through Coursera. Guided by experts, from Javascript for web developers to healthcare systems engineering, you can build your skills conveniently.

Single Course Option

Take a single course through one of our highly-regarded programs to amplify your knowledge. Our suite of 350+ modern courses offer you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in your selected area of professional focus.


Earn a certificate with just 4 or 5 courses. Choose from a number of engineering specializations that fit your career aspirations.

Alumni Lifelong Learning

The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association offers a variety of ways for Hopkins Engineering alumni to continue scholarly pursuits after graduation.