Math Accessibility Events in July

A monitor displays the text "Designers should always keep their users in mind. Only then can you create truly innovative solutions."

The Faculty Forward program will host a two-part workshop focused on math accessibility in July. These virtual sessions will explore various strategies and tools to make math learning more accessible. Workshop facilitators will provide practical insights and resources to help participants enhance their approach to math education and support all students in their learning journey. Registration is open for those interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in this important area.

Math Accessibility, Part 1: Math as a Language

In this first session, we will highlight ‘math as a language,’ including the visual, auditory, and symbolic content, and what course designers and content creators should consider when making math content accessible.

Math Accessibility, Part 2: Equation Creation Tools

In this session, we will explore accessible equation creation tools and provide an overview of the mathematical languages MathML and LaTeX, with an emphasis on best practices for creating accessible equations using the tools MathType, EquatIO, and the Canvas equation editor.

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