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The Power and Promise of Data Science and AI:

Johns Hopkins University’s  Transformational Investment

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The New Johns Hopkins Data Science and AI Institute
Johns Hopkins has made a historic commitment to build the nation’s foremost destination for emerging applications, opportunities, and challenges presented by data science, machine learning, and AI.

The new Data Science and AI Institute will include a state-of-the-art facility on the Homewood campus and an expansion of our computing resource capacity to the scale required for an initiative of this dimension.

We’re also making an unprecedented investment in people:
  • 80 new tenure-track faculty, the largest cluster hire in the history of the Whiting School of Engineering, in the departments of Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Applied Mathematics and Statistics.
  • 30 AI-FOCUSED RESEARCH SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS to support new engineering faculty projects.

  • 40 NEW TENURE-TRACK FACULTY outside of AI to strengthen all engineering departments.

  • A PROJECTED 750 NEW PHD STUDENTS across all areas of engineering.

The nation’s first research university never stops evolving.
Johns Hopkins University’s history is rooted in multidisciplinary collaboration and discovery.
It's a legacy of academic excellence and societal impact that spans nearly 150 years. In that time, we’ve defined and redefined the limits of innovation, developed the research that’s advanced our civilization, and discovered new worlds beyond and within our own.

We've helped change humankind for the better. 

And that's just the beginning.
A aerial view of the Engineering Quad of Johns Hopkins University. Professor Benjamin Schafer works in the Cold Formed Steel Laboratory with a studentThe daVinci robot doing a mock medical operation. Associate Professor Muyinatu “Bisi” Bell works with a biomedical imaging device in her lab.
Johns Hopkins leads all U.S. universities in R&D spending—with a record-breaking $3.4 billion in the last fiscal year.

We’ve already begun mapping the future of collaboration. For example, we partner with the School of Medicine to bring the benefits and potential of data science and AI to health and medicine. We offer collaborative research awards and fellowships with the Applied Physics Laboratory. And we’ve created opportunities to apply the power of data to issues of democracy and evidence-based policy through JHU’s new School of Government and Policy and the SNF Agora Institute.

“It's not hyperbole
to say that data and AI…have vast potential to revolutionize critical areas of discovery and will increasingly shape nearly every aspect of the world we live in.”
Ed Schlesinger, Benjamin T. Rome Dean at the Whiting School of Engineering
The Johns Hopkins shield.
The JHU Data Science and AI Institute will call the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering home.
Our top-ranked Whiting School of Engineering offers the ideal place to kindle the limitless possibilities of this exciting future. The school is home to more than 25 interdisciplinary centers and institutes, where researchers apply new insights in data science to address today’s — and tomorrow’s — complex challenges.

Innovations by our alumni and faculty members have saved millions of lives and improved millions more. Our accomplishments have sparked unparalleled growth over the last decade.

GROWTH FROM 2013-2023

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But the future is also right now, with a high-profile slate of recent and ongoing projects and initiatives at Hopkins Engineering that serve as the proving ground for AI’s value across fields. 
  • Eliminating bias in medical imaging technologies by enabling clearer pictures of anyone's internal anatomy — no matter their skin tone — using a new algorithm.

  • Enabling earlier and more accurate diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease by analyzing a patient’s voice using speech recognition technology.

  • Developing sustainable jet fuel made from plants using machine learning and atomistic modeling.

Live. Work.

BALTIMORE is a vibrant and diverse urban location with much to offer:
  • A rich history and cultural life

  • An abundance of nearby outdoor activities

  • Affordable and diverse housing, both in the city and surrounding areas

  • Excellent school options — both public and private

  • Consistently ranked among the nation’s top “foodie” cities

  • Professional sports — Ravens (NFL), Orioles (MLB)

  • Proximity to federal government agencies and government contractors, policy makers and advocates

A map of the Mid-Atlantic region with a blue focus on the DMV area, with a pin on Baltimore
Located at the crossroads of the East Coast’s most influential cities as well as leading government, tech, health, and industry players, Hopkins provides unmatched proximity to power — a crucible to spark and showcase your work.
3 photos: A bridge over the Chesapeake Bay, crabs with Old Bay Seasoning, and storefronts in the Hampden neighborhood.


Baltimore to Washington D.C.: 35 min

Baltimore to Northern Virginia: 1.25 hours

Baltimore to Philadelphia: 1.25 hours

Baltimore to NYC: 2.5 hours

The skyline of downtown Baltimore, looking North from Key Highway.
Live Baltimore
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Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
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Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
We’re seeking bold, interdisciplinary leaders who are redefining their fields.
Our goals are ambitious. So are the experts we’re searching for: Great minds in academia and industry who are as committed to redefining AI’s horizons as they are to making an exponential impact on humanity.
At Hopkins, you’ll shape curricula, inspire students, and spearhead innovative programs that will expand the vision and potential of the institute.

Our engineering faculty benefit from having access to the institution’s full resources, including those available through our top-ranked Schools of Medicine, Public Health, Arts and Sciences and the Applied Physics Laboratory and from the university's support for visionary cross-divisional research projects.
If you’re looking to advance your professional trajectory and leave an outsized imprint on the field, we’d like to talk to you.
Learn more about Johns Hopkins Engineering and our transformational investment in data science and AI.
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