Security experts: Cyber sharing isn't enough

The benefits of federal legislation to govern private and public sector sharing of cyber threat information are being oversold -- and the risks are being too easily dismissed.

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2nd Annual Senior Executive Cyber Security Conference

JHUISI, with COMPASS Cyber Security, held their second annual Senior Executive Cyber Security Conference on Thursday, September 10, 2015. The Conference took up questions raised by information sharing measures currently under consideration by the US Congress.

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JHUISI kicks off the school year with new student orientation!

Thirty-six new students attended the daylong event that gave the students insight into their latest academic venture.

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JHU to train new cybersecurity experts with help of $2.2M grant

The National Science Foundation has awarded $2.2 million to JHUISI to support a graduate-level degree program that teaches students how to recognize and protect against digital threats.

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Introducing the new Policy & Management degree track

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