DoGEE Student Wins 1st Place at the Emerging Contaminants Summit Student Poster Competition

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Venkat Prava: Model-based Correction for Cognitive Biases in Subjective Probability Judgments

People often expresses their beliefs about uncertain events as probability judgments. They use heuristics to make these subjective judgments...

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Laura MacDonald: Household Water Treatment (HWT) Research

Providing clean water to vulnerable populations in the developing world is one of the great challenges of the century and is critical to the improvement of health and wellbeing of almost 2 billion people.

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Steven Chow: Exploring New Bioremediation Technology

Steven Chow, a DoGEE PhD student, explores novel bioremediation technology that aims to effectively treat chlorobenzene contaminants from groundwater flowing towards lands surfaces...

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Andrea Staid: Improving Planning and Decision-Making for Wind Energy and Power Systems

Climate change has been identified as one of the greatest threats facing our nation. The tasks of climate adaptation and mitigation need to be done concurrently...

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Julie Shortridge: The Nile, and the Future

Climate change is expected to have dramatic impacts on the water resources sector, and there is increasing concern that some degree of adaptation will be required to ensure sustainable water supply in many regions of the world.

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Stephanie Lau: “Overlooked” Chlorinating Agents in Aqueous Chlorine

Aqueous chlorine is one of the most effective and widely-used drinking water disinfectants in the world. Unfortunately, while chlorine is critical for protecting us from waterborne illnesses, it can react with...

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DoGEE team awarded EPA People, Prosperity, and Planet Award (P3) Grant for 2014

We would like to congratulate DoGEE PhD student, Chris Kelley, whose student team was awarded Phase 2 funding...

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DoGEE at the Chesapeake Modeling Symposium.

On May 28-29, 2014 PhD students Dano Wilusz and Qian Zhang joined over 100 modelers, researchers, and policymakers at the biannual Chesapeake Modeling Symposium in Annapolis, MD...

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