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Commercial and Government Program Office Resources

The Whiting School of Engineering’s Commercial and Government Program Office (CGPO) supports WSE faculty and staff at every stage in their pursuit of large-scale funding opportunities and helps WSE identify and undertake special projects that may fall outside the scope of traditional sponsored research.

The CGPO offers support at every stage in the lifecycle of research projects, including proposal development, program management, fiscal planning, internal communications, research execution, and award closeout.

The CGPO also assists with the creation and support of collaborative partnerships between WSE, industry, and government, with the aim of providing new opportunities for WSE to pursue specific projects that may not fit the school’s standard definition of research, but that support the university’s research mission.

The CGPO’s functions include:

  • Pre-award and proposal development expertise and support
  • Post-award program, fiscal and administrative management
  • Coordinated outreach to prospective sponsors for contracts and sponsored projects
  • JHU internal coordination for research collaboration and proposal development

For more information on CGPO support, visit the CGPO website.

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