Using Light to Restore Healthy Heartbeats

Hopkins biomedical engineers are working on a gentler, lighter approach to correcting life-threatening heart arrhythmias.

Getting a Grip on Better Biopsies

By using swarms of untethered grippers, Hopkins engineers have devised a new, more effective way to perform biopsies.

ISO: “Boutique Algae”

Hopkins researchers seek to engineer a commercially viable process to link wastewater treatment and biofuel production.

On the Move

By cultivating cancer cells in a 3D environment, Hopkins engineers are finding new clues to metastasis.

Groundbreaking Research & Discoveries

Johns Hopkins, the nation’s first research university, was founded with express purpose of “expanding knowledge and putting that knowledge to work for the good of humanity.” Since 1912, Johns Hopkins engineers have maintained an interdisciplinary research tradition, collaborating across the boundaries of departments, disciplines, and divisions.

Today the Whiting School includes more than 20 established research centers and institutes in addition to world-class laboratories within our nine academic departments. The school’s faculty and students work with colleagues from the schools of Arts and Sciences, Medicine, and Public Health, among others, as well as with academic and research institutions worldwide. In FY 2013, our faculty received $70.1 million in research funding.

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