Undergraduate Tutoring

Everyone needs a little help from their friends at some point in time!

A number of great study and tutoring programs for both Engineering and Arts and Sciences students are coordinated through the Office of Academic Advising in Garland Hall, 3rd floor, (410) 516-8216.  Likewise, assistance is offered by some individual academic departments and other sources.  For more information about what is available to you, please see below.


PILOT Program

PILOT is a peer-led learning program that offers supervised, structured, small-group learning each week. It is offered for Calculus II, Physics I, Physics II and Introduction to Chemistry II. For more information, visit the PILOT Program.


The Learning Den

The Learning Den offers small group tutoring sessions (no more than 6 students per group) throughout the week.  Many commonly taken classes across various disciplines are supported by tutoring. Hope Fisher coordinates the program. For more information, please visit Academic Assistance.


Introductory Chemistry Help Sessions

The Chemistry Department offers free help sessions for students in Introductory Chemistry I. For more information, contact the Chemistry department at chemdept@jhu.edu.


Math Help Room

The Math Department offers free tutoring in math courses Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. in Krieger Hall 213. For more information, please visit the Math Department.


Physics Help Room

The Society for Physics Students offers free tutoring in physics courses Monday through Friday afternoons in Bloomberg. Email tutoring@jhu.edu for specific schedule information.


Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free assistance at any stage of the writing process. The center is open Sunday through Thursday from 2 – 10 pm. They are located in the Greenhouse Annex, (410) 516-4258.


Study Consultant Program (SCP)

The Study Consultant Program is open to any student who wants one-on-one assistance on certain topics such as study skills, time management, note taking, etc.  Students are paired with a peer consultant (a senior or graduate student) with whom they meet weekly.  Engineering students on academic probation are strongly recommended to participate in the program for a semester.  For more information, please contact Sharleen Argamaso or visit the Study Consulting page.

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