Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program

Baltimore City Public School students interested in applying for the WISE program should click HERE to complete the interest and eligibility form. 

TEACHERS: Click HERE to complete the Teacher Recommendation.

The deadline for summer 2019 is 8:00 AM Monday, May 13, 2019. Click HERE for details. 

Students, parents, and teachers may contact Ruby Holder with any questions at STEMOutreach@jhu.edu.


The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program started as a partnership between the Center for Educational Outreach (CEO), the Garrison Forest School (GFS) an all-girl, day and boarding campus in Owings Mills, MD and Western High School, an all-girls public school in Baltimore City. In 2018, the program expanded to accept female students attending any Baltimore City Public School.

WISE is designed to be an experiential learning opportunity for young women who are mentored by Johns Hopkins University (JHU) professors and graduate students. One of the primary objectives of WISE is to encourage high school women to pursue majors in science and engineering in college.

WISE students gain hands-on research experience in various labs throughout the JHU campus community.  The program typically spans one semester (10-15 students per semester) but is offered in both the fall and the spring. The WISE students work on the JHU campus two afternoons each week.

Students explore a variety of subjects in laboratory and field settings, including nanotechnology, cognitive science, materials science and stem cell research.  At the close of each semester-long program, WISE students present their research and experiences to the other students and mentors.


More information on the WISE program at GFS, can be found at https://www.gfs.org/signature-programs/the-wise-program.

Faculty and graduate students interested in mentoring for a semester should contact Ruby Holder at STEMOutreach@jhu.edu.

Faculty interested in writing WISE into their grant application’s broader impacts statement and budget should contact Christine Newman at christine.newman@jhu.edu.

2017 article published in the JHU HUB.


WISE Spring 2016 Presentation Photos



“I was completely new to the lab environment, but learned to appreciate everything research has to offer. My favorite thing was not learning how to learn, but learning how to think.” WISE Spring 2013 student, GFS

“[Before WISE], I was only interested in biology, and the medical world, but now I really like the concept of research and creating ideas that can make a difference.” – Former WISE student, GFS

“My post-doc [mentor] definitely had the greatest impact on my WISE research, she walked me through the research and helped me comprehend it. She also showed me what a career in research would be like.” – Former WISE student, GFS

“My mentor was patient and answered all of my questions.  I wish I could have spent more time in the lab.  I learned that I really like doing research – I didn’t expect that.  And I found out that I’m a quick learner.” – WISE Fall 2013 student Western, HS


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