3400 North Charles Street, 005 Shriver Hall
Baltimore, MD 21218
Tel: (410) 516-3389

We are located on the Homewood Campus of Johns Hopkins University.

Christine Newman
Assistant Dean for Engineering Educational Outreach
Phone: 410-516-4473

Karen Borgsmiller
Director of Engineering Innovation
Phone: 410-516-0735

Rebecca Palmisano
Barclay School Program Manager
Phone: 410-516-6239

Margaret Hart
STEM Outreach Advisor
Phone: 410-516-4180

Alisha Sparks
Baltimore Programs Director
Phone: 410-516-0493

Erin Burk
Baltimore OST Program Manager
Phone: 410-516-5785

Suzanne Kantt
Senior Academic Program Coordinator
Phone: 410-516-4045

Claire VerHulst
Assistant Director of Engineering Innovation
Phone: 410-516-5813

Adrienne Bantum
Budget Specialist
Phone: 410-516-4045

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