JHU Undergraduate Student Mentor Experiences

“Participating in Building for Brains has been one of the highlights of my Hopkins experience. I loved hanging out and working with the students while getting to know them all better and watching them grow (growth which even over our short six weeks was clearly noticeable). Throughout the program many of the children told me they want to go to college to be engineers which is unbelievably awesome; I’m so glad I got to be a part of sparking their interest in math and science!” – Ali, Biomedical Engineering undergraduate

“Exposure to science at a young age formed me as a person and future engineer, so bringing those experiences to the students from Barclay and Lakeland, and seeing their entursiatic response, was so rewarding. In particular, when we studied concussion and built “helmets” for eggs, the students’ simultaneously creative and analytical work was absolutely stunning!” – Daphne, Biomedical Engineering undergraduate

“I get to have fun with my mentees as we work on our projects and there is nothing more rewarding that watching your mentees smile and have that “a-ha” moment when they solve a problem that they never thought they could do.” – Amanda, Biomedical Engineering undergraduate

“As a person who grew up doing robotics, it is very rewarding to get the chance to share my knowledge and stories with the kids…Do you know the glow on a kid’s face when they first score points with their new robots? That’s why I became a mentor.” – Deepak, Biomedical Engineering undergraduate

“I think helping them understand circuits was the best part because most of them had never seen anything, and if they had, most of them didn’t know how it works, so helping set a foundation for what they will definitely encounter in the future, and seeing them understand it and get excited about it was really rewarding.”.– Engineering undergraduate, re Intersession Outreach course.

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