Mission & Vision


Vision – Our vision is to increase the number of underrepresented youth pursuing STEM careers

Mission  – Our mission is to engage JHU faculty and students to inspire and prepare K-12 students in STEM education and careers

Strategy – Our strategy is to focus on Baltimore City Public School students while growing our Engineering Innovation summer program for high school students nationally.  We achieve this by:

  • partnering with local schools and youth-serving nonprofits to recruit students and teachers
  • partnering with faculty to identify ways to meet their needs for broader impact or community outreach on their research grants while meeting our goal
  • partnering with JHU undergraduate and graduate students to deliver content and mentor
  • partnering with School of Education to incorporate pedagogy for appropriate pupils while improving teachers’ STEM knowledge
  • partnering with local businesses to provide funding, STEM models, and internship opportunities
  • leveraging research-based strategies for teaching STEM
  • measuring effectiveness of programs to improve chance of success with fundraising and grant writing
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