Tower of Power 2021 Winners

March 4, 2021

To celebrate National Engineers’ Week, we invited middle schools to participate in the annual Tower of Power In a Half Hour competition. Participating teams were tasked to build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows, with the goal of building the tallest freestanding tower.

This year’s winning schools were: The Greenmount School, The Summit School, Gilman Middle School, Maryvale Preparatory School, and the Waldorf School of Baltimore.

Our top five middle school winners were invited to participate in JHU’s virtual Tower of Power event, where they compete with undergraduate students, alumni, and faculty teams.

Full List of Results:

School Name
Height of Winning Tower (in cm)
The Greenmount School 145.6 cm  (1st place winners)
The Summit School 144 cm (2nd place winners)
Gilman Middle School 137 cm (3rd place winners)
Maryvale Preparatory School 130 cm (4th place winners)
Waldorf School of Baltimore 111.76 cm (5th place winners)
Our Lady of Victory 109 cm
The Sacred Heart of Glyndon 103.1 cm
BCPS NW Academy of Health Science/Robotics Team 91.44 cm

Congrats to our winning teams and to all fourteen students who participated this year!

Check out our 2021 Tower of Power Photo Gallery and more about the event here.

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