“Something to BOAST About”

February 5, 2021

Check it out! Our new BOAST program was featured in the WSE magazine.

From the magazine:

“To help strengthen high school students’ confidence and skills in algebra, Johns Hopkins’ schools of Engineering and Education are partnering with Notre Dame of Maryland University, Morgan State University, and Baltimore City Public Schools on a new initiative: the Baltimore Online Algebra for Students in Technology program, which is being supported through a $2.36 million grant from the National Science Foundation. Launching in fall 2021, BOAST will combine online lessons, hands-on projects, and activities.

‘The goals of the program are to help students to develop an abiding interest in engineering and to support these students in building confidence in their mathematical capacities,’ says Michael Falk, BOAST’s principal investigator and vice dean for undergraduate education at the Whiting School.”

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