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Mapping Fruit Fly Brains: “a technical, multidisciplinary tour de force”

April 29, 2014

It’s question that has been puzzling neuroscientists for nearly a century: How do patterns of activity in neurons generate behavior? In other words, how does nerve activity in living things, from insects and snails to humans, result in their coordinated movements? Thanks to work by a team of researchers that included Carey Priebe, a professor […]

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Student Math Wizards Aim for the Fences With Baseball Scheduling System

April 2, 2014

  If slamming a 90-mph fastball into the centerfield stands sounds tough, try scheduling a minor league baseball season. Among the challenging questions: Did each team get the correct mix of home and away games? Are enough dates reserved for division rivals? Did each team get a fair share of lucrative weekend dates? Do required […]

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Lindsay Stiller Portrait

Mathematical Model

July 12, 2012

Lindsay Stiller ’12 was hired by Accenture after their employees taught her senior mathematical modeling and consulting class.

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