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Injectable Foam Could Prevent Fatal Blood Loss in Wounded Soldiers

July 10, 2014

Without prompt care, a badly wounded soldier can easily bleed to death while being transported to a distant medical station. Two traditional treatments—tourniquets and medicated gauze pads—often cannot stop the blood loss from a deep wound at the neck, shoulder or groin. To give these soldiers a fighting chance at survival, Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering […]

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19th Century Math Tactic Gets a Makeover and Becomes 200 Times Faster

June 30, 2014

A relic from long before the age of supercomputers, the 169-year-old math strategy called the Jacobi iterative method is widely dismissed today as too slow to be useful. But thanks to a curious, numbers-savvy Johns Hopkins engineering student and his professor, it may soon get a new lease on life. With just a few modern-day […]

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Heart-Shocking ‘Shirt’ May Save Lives

June 3, 2014

Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering students have designed a lightweight, easy-to-conceal shirt-like garment to deliver life-saving shocks to patients experiencing serious heart problems. The students say their design improves upon a wearable defibrillator system that is already in use. Their design changes, the students say, should help persuade patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest to […]

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NSF Recognizes Langmead with Early CAREER Award

May 28, 2014

Benjamin Langmead, assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, has been chosen by the National Science Foundation to receive its prestigious CAREER Award, which recognizes the high level of promise and excellence in early stage scholars. The five year grant will support Langmead’s work developing improved computational and statistical methods for analyzing DNA sequencing […]

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