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Johns Hopkins becomes first university to partner with NATO Innovation Hub

November 15, 2019

Johns Hopkins University has become the first university in the world to partner with Innovation for Defense, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Innovation Hub‘s new initiative. Also called I4D, the Norfolk, Virginia–based center aims to bring together a variety of partners to design solutions to challenges the organization faces.

As part of the new partnership, Johns Hopkins students will work with NATO experts to tackle how health care—whether civilian or military—is delivered and managed in conflict zones. The students involved are part of the university’s Center for Leadership Education, which prepares them for leadership roles in the professional world through a variety of courses, minors, internships, graduate programs, networking opportunities, and hands-on experiences.

“This is a pilot for us; our eventual goal is to have I4D university partnerships in all 29 NATO member countries,” says Serge Da Deppo, manager at the Innovation Hub. “What we’re creating fresh with Hopkins will serve as a model for the others going forward. Our goal is to tap into the imaginative, fertile, and hopeful minds of these young people and get their fresh take on solving many serious and thorny problems.”

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