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Opening of Malone Hall ushers in a new era

September 2, 2014
Malone Hall Exterior

The building’s Decker Quad–facing exterior shares an architectural vocabulary with its neighbors.

The scientific activity inside Malone Hall, the latest physical addition to the Homewood campus, promises to be staggering in both scale and scope.

Within the building’s gleaming walls, Johns Hopkins faculty and students will endeavor to: enhance understanding of how human genes cause disease, protect the Earth from an asteroid collision, safeguard and systematize sensitive health records, and design computer systems that approach human intelligence to answer questions beyond our current capability.

To achieve such grand ambitions will require not only ample brainpower but a lot more “eye contact” with colleagues, says Gregory Hager, chair of the Whiting School’s Department of Computer Science. And Malone Hall, Hager says, will provide plenty of opportunity to see and be seen.

For the first time in the department’s history, much of Computer Science and some affiliated research institutes will reside under one roof, ushering in what Hager and other Whiting School of Engineering leadership hope will be an unprecedented era of networking and interdisciplinary collaboration.

“Malone Hall not only brings us together, it’s intentionally designed to let us work much more closely and help us define the department’s mission in a more effective way,” Hager says. “This gorgeous new structure is first and foremost about the people inside.”

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