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Marra of Mechanical Engineering is ASEE “Campus Star”

March 7, 2014

Steve Marra, a senior lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been named a “Campus” Star by the ASEE, an honor that recognizes excellence in teaching.

Steve Marra of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Steve Marra

In his profile on the ASEE website, Steve says, “I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach some engineering courses as a postdoc, and found those experiences to be very rewarding. When a later opportunity to teach full-time presented itself, I was hesitant to apply, worried that it would mean giving up a career as a researcher. However, I did apply and got the job and have never been happier in my profession.” While I know that Steve already has been honored by WSE for his teaching, it is wonderful to see him receive this broader recognition as well.


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