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Target Practice

December 9, 2013
Arturo A. Brito, Stefan Arnold and Kevin LeBlanc of the winning Perpetual Motion Squad.

Arturo A. Brito, Stefan Arnold and Kevin LeBlanc comprised the winning Perpetual Motion Squad in the 2013 Mousetraps and Rubber Bands mechanical engineering contest.

The challenge: Use two mousetraps, six rubber bands, and $15 worth of materials to build a device that can safely transport a delicate, uncooked egg from an elevated platform to a target on the floor, six feet below.

The competitors: 20 teams made up of 59 students in the Freshmen Experiences in Mechanical Engineering course at Johns Hopkins.

The Whiting School of Engineering’s annual Mousetraps and Rubber Bands competition is the final project in the freshman course; this year’s unusual and difficult assignment was dubbed “Shell Shocked.” It wasn’t a Ravens game, but you’d never know that from the raucous cheers, fist pumps, and excitement emanating from the crowd gathered Wednesday afternoon in the Shriver Hall auditorium.

There were a few rules—nine pages of them, actually. Chief among them was that only the mousetraps, rubber bands, and gravity could provide energy for each device. Also, at least half of the egg needed to be exposed and visible at all times. Breaking the egg would cost a team 50 points. Oh, and good craftsmanship and ornamentation were encouraged.

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